The Kevin Riordan Presidential Scholarship

The Maine Police Emerald Society Kevin Riordan Presidential Scholarship is given in honor of the Society's President, Kevin Riordan.  The Scholarship is funded by the family of Daniel F. Cashman, who had been a long time supporter of the Law Enforcement community.  He is succeeded by his three sons, all of whom are serving in the Law Enforcement field from the Municipal to Federal levels.  The Maine Police Emerald Society will select one student to award the scholarship to annually.  The scholarship will go to a student currently in a post-secondary education program who aspires to join the field of Law Enforcement upon graduation, or a high school senior who plans to move on to the next level of education in a Law Enforcement related program of study.  Eligibility criteria will be based on academic records, leadership responsibilities in both community and school activities, and a clearly written essay of academic and career goals.  The scholarship will be given in the amount of $500 before the start of the fall semester.  It may be used towards tuition, books, personal computer, or on-campus room and board.  The scholarship must be used within 12 months of the date the recipient is notified.  Proof of registration in a vocational/trade school or accredited college is mandatory before payment is made.


    • The applicant must be graduating from a Maine high school or attending a Maine college or university.
    • The applicant must be enrolled full-time in a Law Enforcement program or related field of study.
    • Proof of the above requirements must be presented.