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This page contains information to assist you during the school year. 
Please contact the Main Office with any questions.
(207) 797-3802 x 0

In an attempt to do our part in preserving natural resources, we use electronic communication on a regular basis. 
Please be sure to provide us with your preferred email address and update us immediately of any changes. 

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Happy summer, everyone!

Alert System

MGA uses One Call Now to send emergency and weather alerts. By default, the email(s) listed on your biographical form are included in the alert system. 

If you would like to receive text alerts, you will need to manually opt-in via One Call's Self Update Portal. 

This portal allows you to add additional emails and phone numbers, remove emails and numbers, and opt-in to receive text messages.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on registering or updating your information.

Please note that the emergency alert system is separate from the school database. Always let the Main Office know if you have switched your primary email address or phone number.