Teacher Overview

Grades:                3rd to 6th

 Setting:      Classroom, though activities adaptable for other settings like after-school programs or home-schoolers.

Group Size:      20-30 students but adaptable for smaller groups.

Time:      30-45 minute blocks of time, with some activities requiring multiple blocks.

Subject Areas:      Science, English Language Arts

Curriculum Structure:      Each chapter has a similar format of three sections:

                                                 1. Background Information: Aimed at a fourth-grade reading level, use this section for your own information or read to younger students. Photocopies can be handed out to older students.  Students may need to use a dictionary for some of the science and ecology terms, depending on their previous experience in this subject area.

                                                2. Discussion Questions: Use these questions to stimulate classroom discussions, or hand the questions out to older students to work on answers in small groups.  Students may need access to additional resource materials.  Suggested materials are included for each section.

                                                3. Classroom Activities: The activities are designed to reinforce the information and concepts introduced in the background reading material and explored with the discussion questions.  Activities stand alone if there is no time allotted for previous sections, as long as students are familiar with the ecological concepts for each section.