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Maine Audubon created the first Learn about Loons curriculum in 1990, and for over a decade there were a dozen “loon kits” circulating among Maine’s elementary schools.  Common Loons in the Classroom builds upon that earlier curriculum with updated information, resource lists, and new activities in a digital format. This new curriculum is accessible on-line, and though it can easily stand alone, it also has a supplemental box of resource materials (including a stuffed, mounted loon as well as eggs, feathers, bones, photos and complete classroom activity materials) available for loan to classrooms. See link below FMI about borrowing the supplemental box for your classroom.

It is our hope that many more students in Maine will now be able to learn about loons, their natural history, and their habits, and in turn will become stewards not only for loon conservation, but also for clean water and healthy aquatic ecosystems. Each chapter highlights a different aspect of the life of common loons, with a summary of relevant biological and natural history background information followed by discussion questions for the classroom, and detailed descriptions of one or more activities for students.  Although each chapter focuses on elements specific to common loons, the activities often relate to broader ecological principles.

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Check out the contents of the Loon Box, which can be borrowed from locations in Falmouth, Holden, Farmington and Augusta. Box of Materials (COMING SOON)

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