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12 December 2016

posted Jan 6, 2017, 3:02 AM by Web Master2


Page 9: After doing Steps 4, 5, and 6, I realized that the person I had harmed the most was myself: never allowing myself to make mistakes; continuing to beat myself up for past mistakes; and never doing anything nice for myself. To make amends, I needed to learn to love myself: If I made a mistake, I asked how I would treat a peer in that situation; I started doing nice things for myself. Today I have my life back and serenity.

Page 22: One Quote at a time: “As years go by, I see more to be grateful for, and God rewards me with more for which to be grateful”. “Someone else’s drinking brought me to the meetings, but day-to-day living keeps me coming back”.

Page 26: You can’t attract abundance without first giving. You have to give it away to keep it. The desire to give service to others is the outward expression of an inward path.  


Meeting Suggestions:

Page 16: The Service Manual is a compilation of spiritual principles that guide our fellowship. The “World Service Conference Charter” interprets the principles through which Al-Anon operates with prudence, equality, and unanimity, in a non-governing, non-punitive, and non-controversial manner. Current revisions are updated on-line.



Page 10: Lisa dreaded the holiday season and avoided what she feared. Her sponsor told her to let go of her ego. So she Prayed humbly asking God to help her face her fears; Prepared emotionally by sharing her fears with her group, sponsor, and husband; and Practiced for the evening with her husband. By placing “Principles above Personalities” she was able to focus on Gratitude and to help her family come together in peace.



Page 18-20: CAL Corner: Reaching for Personal Freedom: The 1st page talks about living the Legacies throughout our lives. It introduces the idea of using the Legacies horizontally rather than vertically.

Pages 28: Step 10: An individual feels her HP planting the seeds of service in her heart and mind, and, as a result, helps to start a new meeting in an area that had none.   

Pages 30: Tradition 12: Honesty Inventory: Have I told people what they wanted to hear; Said “Yes” when I want to say “No”; Kept silent so others won’t get mad at me; Not spoken because I might hurt feelings; Not allowed others to learn from their mistakes. As we practice the Spiritual truth of Trad 12, we become true to ourselves and to others.   

Pages 32: Concept 12: Discusses our options in responding to situations where the Traditions are not being honored: Speak up; Wait and talk to the person later; Chair a meeting on the Tradition; Look for another meeting.