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11 November 2016

posted Dec 5, 2016, 3:14 AM by Web Master2


Page 4, 15, 27: 3 “cordial invitations” for members to share their ESH and what CAL has meant to them. CAL is what we make it because it is nothing more, or less, than the generous and courageous sharing of members. Without that, there is no CAL.

Page 16-21: 1st of new 12-part series by members of the Board of Trustees about who they are and what inspired them to this service, so we come to know them as members. 1st story discusses how service helped her to cultivate: Patience, Humility, Acceptance, Trust, Unconditional Love, Kindness and Courtesy.  The 2nd discusses the International Al-Anon General Services Meeting where 38 countries meet to learn from each other.

Page 22: One Quote at a time: “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, rather a safe passage through it”. “The Space between the time of my birth and the time of my death is considered a learning experience”.


Meeting Suggestions:

Page 10: One of several Alateen articles. This one talks about the how being an Alateen Sponsor taught this man to better listen to, and respect, teenagers, recognizing their ability to see and share the truth. He learned that his job was planting seeds of Hope.



Page 8: I can love my daughter without trying to manage her life: A powerful story about a mother obsessed with daughter’s alcoholism. A lifelong “problem solver”, she finally realizes through prayer that she needs to absolutely surrender her child’s life to a Higher Power. She comes to understand that it is okay to ask for help and to be helpless sometimes. The enormous relief that results, allows her to find acceptance and peace.



Page 24-6: CAL Corner: What do YOU do about the Alcoholic’s Drinking?: On its 50th Anniversary, we are reminded of this great pamphlet that provides a nearly complete inventory  of our tendency to Enable, whether we’re a newcomer or a longtime member.

Pages 28: Step Ten: Discusses that we do not need to make amends for being human and making mistakes. Amends are indicated when we harm others or act in a way that is not “congruent” with our values.  

Pages 30: Tradition Ten: Reminds us that one person doesn’t speak for the group. It is okay to disagree within groups and important to cultivate an environment where everyone is accept regardless of their personal opinions.

Pages 32: Concept Ten: The Principles of this Concept helped a member to see how  “suggestions”, “advice”, and “help” had  harmed the unity of their family, as loved ones were deprived of opportunities for gaining self-confidence and self-respect.