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11 November 2017

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Hello!  Enjoy these highlights from the Forum! Please consider ordering yourself a personal copy for only $11 for 12 months!  If your meeting does not have one, order one for them as well!  If you are not able to pay for a subscription…. Please message me and we will be giving several free subscriptions away in the next month as some wonderful Al-Anon member donated $55 to pay for 5 Forum subsciptions!!

November 2017

So many of us have been helped by a piece of Conference Approved Literature!Consider holding a writing workshop before or after one of your meetings!

If we cannot get to a meeting….If we are in a crisis…To look up help on a certain subject…

SHARE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN HELPED BY CAL! In what ways has CAL affected your recovery? A little bird told me if you write on the CONCEPTS or TRADITIONS you have a good chance of being published!!  It can be a fun time for your Group to get together! Send comments to: with CAL Corner in the subject line…deadline is 15th of each month!


This month’s FORUM is jam packed with SO much wonderful info!


We are not ALONE   This month’s share by Gary is about moving from a place of Shame to a place of healing. POWERFUL!


There is a section “Are you ready for the Holidays?  I sure need to hear all the good program I can during these months! This is such a difficult time for so many.


There is a great 2 page share on SPONSORSHIP.  Both about being a SPONSOR and BEING SPONSORED. The gifts that both sides get from this relationship.


A member from Minnesota shares how they are no longer living in FEAR….That with Al-Anon’s help they have worked through the steps. Moving from fear to a place of willingness!



This section asks us how we can improve our relationship with our Higher Power, how do we stay in contact during the day? And what do we pray for? Answers or guidance?


A member from Nova Scotia shares about Letting GO of our EXPECTATIONS…. 


Alateen celebrates 60 years!!  Consider being an Alateen sponsor, ordering some Alateen literature for your Al-Anon meetings or dropping some Alateen literature off at your local JR and SR High school!