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08 August 2017

posted Aug 14, 2017, 1:49 AM by Web Master2   [ updated Sep 25, 2017, 6:07 PM ]

Hello!  Enjoy these highlights from the Forum! Please consider ordering yourself a personal copy for only $11 for 12 months!  If your meeting does not have one, order one for them as well!  The best value evah!

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CAL Corner: “Opening our hearts, Transforming our Losses” (B-29) speaks about ALL losses…not just physical…but financial….as well as loss of our Dreams…The book also makes references to other pieces of our CAL.  A wonderful addition to anyone’s recovery library.

SHARE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN HELPED BY CAL! In what ways has “One Day at a Time in Al-Anon” (B-6) , “Reaching For Personal Freedom” (P-92), or “Paths to Recovery” (P-93) helped you in your recovery? PLEASE SHARE!! By sending comments to: with CAL Corner in the subject line…deadline is September 15th 2017.

STEP 8: Seeing my Patterns  C L E A R L Y….  Made a list of all persons we have harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all”

Pamela D from Washington shares how she noticed as she worked through Step 8 that she had an over- inflated sense of power. “As I worked through the list, patterns emerged” she shares. She realized that Step 8 is not about punishing herself or apologies, but more about honestly assessing real harm, opposed to “imagined harm.”

TRADITION 8: Finding my True Identity. Every group ought to be fully self –supporting, declining outside contributions.

Lisa R. from Wisconsin shares how tradition 8 gets rid of “labels and expectations.” This tradition gives her the freedom to be just Lisa, the Al-Anon member, instead of “Lisa the Computer tech.” This tradition allowed her to focus on herself and get better.

CONCEPT 8: Letting Go and Trusting Others. Concept 8 is about allowing others to do their part so we will not become resentful. This member, Christine W. from Illinois shares how she relates this to her family.  This gives others the dignity and responsibility of being part of a functioning group. She shares “I delegate and allow them the freedom to get the job done their way.”

ZIP 23454  

Focusing on MY OWN LIFE

Paul from Oregon shares how he notices how much more tolerant he has become of others. He used to think he knew what was best for others and thought he could control their behavior. He now realizes that the only thing he can control is HIMSELF.

Stephanie W. from Ontario shares on WHO AM I? She learned in Al-Anon to ask “What do I want? What do I feel? Who am I?” Al-Anon gave her permission to put herself first!

Al-Anon Saved my Life! Carolyn C. From Florida shares how it only took 3 months in Al-Anon to make the self-loving decision to leave the abusive relationship she was in.

NO one told me what I had to do! Mary Jane from NY says that is why she kept coming back!  There are no “musts” in Al-anon just guidance and others sharing their experience, strength and hope!!