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07 July 2016

posted Aug 31, 2016, 3:26 PM by Web Master2


Page 3: Live and Let Live: Story of an adult son who was still struggling with addiction returning home. Rather than giving suggestions to her husband and son about solutions, she let them figure it out, and they did. “I firmly believe that an entire family can benfit even if only one member follows Al-Anon principles.”

Page 4: Hands off the steering wheel: After a meeting on “Let Go and Let God”, this member went to the car wash, where the rules were: Put the car in neutral, hands off the steering wall, no braking. Pre-Al-Anon, she had forced her will, tried to steer others and control events. But now she knows that “if God is your copilot, you’re in the wrong seat.”   

Page 26: Listen and Learn: At meetings I hear my story from complete strangers and newcomers. I never need to feel alone. I can learn to support and accept support. And my prayers have changed from, “God, please make him change” to “God change me”.


Meeting Suggestions:

Page 10: Checking Our Motives: Am I keeping the focus on myself? Would I talk about this if the affected person were in the room? If I’m uncomfortable, I can ask God for help



Page 1: I always have choices: Article outlines 26 choices a member discovered she has available when she struggles, including: Go to more meetings; Do the best I can; Take responsibility or give over responsibility; Admit I’m wrong and make amends; Celebrate my successes and remember to be grateful; Walk; Sleep; Admit that sometimes it is hard



Page 12: CAL Corner: Reaching for Personal Freedom: Study guide that gives us insight, awareness, and understanding, as well as, a concrete way to apply the Legacies.

Pages 30: Step Seven: “Humility, for me, means it’s never all about me”.  Even when we are proud of an accomplishment, we need to remember that we didn’t do it alone. And prayer focuses us in a meaningful way so that our specific shortcomings can “fall away” and we can find serenity.  

Pages 32: Tradition Seven: Story about a group that was dominated by one individual providing all of the service roles. Our recovery depends upon our living in a “grow zone” where we are challenged to reach for our Higher Power’s help. And the group’s health is enhanced by more people providing service, since no 2 people do a job in the same way.

Pages 31: Concept Seven: It is necessary to have balance and communication between the Conference and the business side of our Fellowship. Concern for the health of Al-Anon requires reason and practicality in their relationships. When we take a wider stance we are more stable than if we only choose to stand in only one place.