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05 May 2017

posted May 21, 2017, 3:56 AM by Web Master2

Hello!  Enjoy these highlights from the Forum! Please consider ordering yourself a personal copy for only $11 for 12 months!  If your meeting does not have one, order one for them as well!  The best value evah!


May 2017


CAL Corner: “From Survival to Recovery” (B-21) is this month’s focus piece of CAL.

                        This book is written solely from the perspective of members who grew up with alcoholism. It speaks of all the coping mechanisms we pick up in a dysfunctional family. On page 141 it offers us 20 questions that help us decide if we are ready to dig deeper into our recovery work. Recovery is an ongoing process and these questions provoke and challenge us in a way which is necessary for continued growth.  Get your copy today and learn how to go from “surviving” to living your wonderful and precious life in the best way possible!!  As article says…”from surviving to thriving”!

SHARE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN HELPED BY CAL! In what ways has Hope for Today (B-27), The Dilemma of an Alcoholic Marriage (B-4) or Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (B-29) helped you?  Send your thoughts via e-mail to with CAL Corner in the subject line…deadline is June 15th 2017.


STEP 5:  Growing in Trust with my Sponsor: 

This member from Wisconsin shares how her sponsor helped her realize that other liabilities could become positive traits as well.


TRADITION 5: Finding Compassion: This member from Arizona shares how her acceptance that Alcoholism was a disease freed her from judgement and criticism of the alcoholic’s behavior.         


CONCEPT 5: Starting to Trust the Process:  This anonymous member shared how shocked she was the first time her group “voted down” one of her proposals. She shared that she had been in Al-Anon long enough to know that she had the right to be heard, but that did not mean she had the right to decide things for the group.

Seeing My Spiritual Potential

A member from Newfoundland shares that there is now “A garden of hope growing inside her”. She always knew there was a God.  She now has a more personal relationship with that loving God who is always there to guide her.

“Al-Anon’s spiritual seeds are being planted in her heart, mind and soul”.


Remembering How Far I Have Come:

This member from Manitoba shares at a recent Step 1 meeting how she was flooded with gratitude as she listened and remembered how chaotic and frustrating her life was before Al-Anon.


The Wisdom of Doing Nothing:

“Don’t just do something! Sit there!” What great advice! The gift of time can bring us the answers!


One Quote at a Time

“Serenity is a spiritual journey without a destination” Elizabeth S., FL

“I eventually opened my mind to realize that Al-Anon moves mountains-inside people’s heads” Geoff O., MS

“Detachment is a bridge, not a wall” Vera M., NY


ZIP 23454 – Finding my way

“I never saw things that were right in front of me….I was blinded by the disease of alcoholism.” Al- Anon helped this member see the path ahead.  It gave her a compass that helped her through the fog.


Service seems Large, but My HP is in Charge!

This member shares as far as Service was concerned she was “sit-in-the-back Sally.” Justifying her non-involvement because she had a job, kids, etc. She first committed at one time Al-Anon events.  Then became more involved volunteering to be a treasurer. Over time she took on more roles…And after feeling a strong urge from her Higher Power, took on a 3 year commitment at an Area level! She realized that members were there for her every step of the way to help her.