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04 April 2017

posted Apr 11, 2017, 3:09 AM by Web Master2

Hello!  Enjoy these highlights from the Forum! Please consider ordering yourself a personal copy for only $11 for 12 months!  If your meeting does not have one, order one for them as well!  The best value evah!


April 2017


CAL Corner: Reaching for Personal Freedom workbook (p-92)

                        A ‘fresh” look at Step work.  Reaching for Personal Freedom                      

                        helped this member deal with fears and obstacles that were

                        standing in her way of completing step 4! Another member shared

                        how much the word “freedom” means to her as a result of the work

                         done with her sponsor in this workbook!


STEP 4:  Seeing that I do matter:  This member from California shares about

                How she finally realizes that she was worth the work required in the

                4th step after taking care of everyone else her whole life.


TRADITION 4: Honoring what’s best for me-and for others: This member, also

                          from California, shares that as individuals we can also make

                           choices that seem right for us,  but that our own personal choices

                           should not cause harm to our friends or our family.


CONCEPT 4: Relationships are equal endeavors:  Participation is the key to

                       Harmony!  This member shares…. “If I am the only one showing up

                        for the relationship, then it is not a relationship.” They share that

                        they are now learning to “show up” for themselves and how to

                        choose people who are available emotionally.


Better Communication started with me-

A member shares how it took until he was in his 40’s , and a “nudge” from his Alcoholic stepson, to finally realize how much growing up in an alcoholic home affected how he communicated! He uses the 1st Tradition to keep harmony in the home!


Changing a negative attitude with GRATITUDE!

This member from Quebec shares that it was in reading from “As we understood…” (B-11) when she realized Gratitude changes our attitude! Her lifelong anger and resentment towards her mother began to fade away as she came to the realization that her mother was sick, not guilty.


My Closet, Myself

This member from Florida shares how she related the clutter in her closet to the “clutter” in her mind.  She tells how, with the help of Al-Anon, she was able to “clear the clutter” item by item both in her closet and her mind! Sometimes both get a little messy still but she applies the tools of the program and keeps her side clean!


One Quote at a Time

“As we share, little by little we heal” –Kelly from LA

“Tools left in the shed are useless” –Mike OH

“When I go to bed I give my troubles to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway!” –Lynda SK


ZIP 23454 – The Traditions help my parenting

“Traditions give us a set of principles that can be used in any group situation, including our families” writes a member from Florida. She is reminded to step out of her ego and consider her family’s common welfare.




Making a decision to TRUST. Trust enough to ASK someone, whose recovery you admire, to be your sponsor.  And then TRUST enough to follow their suggestions and letting them guide you through the steps. Life changing!

ONE QUOTE AT A TIME:  “Worrying is like shoveling smoke.” –Jane K. Ohio


Things to think about Step 3:

·        How did I decide to let the God of my understanding help me with my problems?

·        How did it feel to “Let go and let God?”

·        What does a Higher Power represent to me?

·        What happened when I “made a decision?”


We are ENOUGH, we have ENOUGH. Our higher power always provides for us! Abundance in spirituality, gratitude friendship & love!

PRACTICING ACCEPTANCE without JUDGEMENT- from How Al-anon works… “Only with great difficulty does a shaft of light pierce the armor of self-righteousness.”   When others accept and love us WITHOUT judgement, it then makes it possible for us to do the same.

WHY I KEEP COMING: A member reflects back on her years in Al-anon.  How it helped get her through so much in all her relationships, and she quotes from  As We Understood- “I thank God for giving me Al-Anon & I thank Al-Anon for giving me God!” Keep coming back!



Offering a variety of rotating Group service opportunities helps fulfill the spirit of Concept 4- “Participation is the key to harmony” Here are some for your groups to think about:

·        Greeter, Hospitality person, phone list/contact person, member designated to share with newcomers, person to open up and set up the room, literature chairperson, public outreach person and secretary.