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03 March 2017

posted Mar 25, 2017, 4:30 AM by Web Master2


CAL Corner: How has AL helped you? Please write and let world service know how any of these pieces of literature had aided your recovery!!

Opening our Hearts, Transforming our losses

Alateen’s share with Adults in their lives

Hope for Today

The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage

Send your sharings by 4/15/17  to

The Forum, 1600 Land Pkwy, VA Beach, VA  23454-5617 att: CAL corner

E-mail to or submit online to

STEP 3: In this sharing a member tells of the need to re-examine the 3rd step.  Sharing that God really does care and is accessible to all of us always.  God’s love & care is shown to us through others.

TRADITION 3: We all share the same story. This excerpt spoke about our tendency to compare v. identifying with other members.  That once we are past outward differences, we realize that we all share the same fears, hopes, joys and struggles.  God just wraps us up differently.

CONCEPT 3: Doing my part, while being able to trust others to do theirs.

This sharing spoke about how sometimes we may take on too much leadership within Al Anon service positions.  We need to allow others to shine in service opportunities.


Making a decision to TRUST. Trust enough to ASK someone, whose recovery you admire, to be your sponsor.  And then TRUST enough to follow their suggestions and letting them guide you through the steps. Life changing!

ONE QUOTE AT A TIME: “Worrying is like shoveling smoke.” –Jane K. Ohio

Things to think about Step 3:

  • How did I decide to let the God of my understanding help me with my problems?

  • How did it feel to “Let go and let God?”

  • What does a Higher Power represent to me?

  • What happened when I “made a decision?”


We are ENOUGH, we have ENOUGH. Our higher power always provides for us! Abundance in spirituality, gratitude friendship & love!

PRACTICING ACCEPTANCE without JUDGEMENT- from How Al-anon works… “Only with great difficulty does a shaft of light pierce the armor of self-righteousness.”   When others accept and love us WITHOUT judgement, it then makes it possible for us to do the same.

WHY I KEEP COMING: A member reflects back on her years in Al-anon.  How it helped get her through so much in all her relationships, and she quotes from  As We Understood- “I thank God for giving me Al-Anon & I thank Al-Anon for giving me God!” Keep coming back!


Offering a variety of rotating Group service opportunities helps fulfill the spirit of Concept 4- “Participation is the key to harmony” Here are some for your groups to think about:

  • Greeter, Hospitality person, phone list/contact person, member designated to share with newcomers, person to open up and set up the room, literature chairperson, public outreach person and secretary.