Group Records

Area Group Records Coordinator

The Area Group Records Coordinator serves as the nuts and bolts of the communication connection among the Al-Anon member, the group, district, Al-Anon Information Service (AIS), Area, the entire service structure, and the World Service Office (WSO). 

What does the vital role of the Area Group Records Coordinator consist of at the Area level? 

The Area Group Records Coordinator is the “keeper” of Al-Anon group information. It is essential that the Area Delegate be kept informed of group records matters, since the Area Delegate communicates with the WSO. Note that Alateen group information is handled via the Area Alateen process. The Area Group Records Coordinator communicates with the Area Delegate, Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP), and Area Alateen Coordinator to become familiar with the Area Alateen process. 

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