Summary of November 7th Meeting

posted Nov 8, 2011, 3:44 PM by Unknown user
1.    Addressed the need for members to fill out the Verification Forms in addition to the Google Form. The Google Form acts as a running list for Dr. Alvarez to see who is getting their hours done, while the Verification Form is mandatory for NHS. Also, members should spread their hours and not complete all of their required hours at the last minute. This information is discussed more on the "Forms" section of the website.

2. Volunteer Opportunity!!
    Christmas shopping for children on December 3 at the Wal-Mart in Elk Grove Village from 7AM-11AM. Make fliers!
Committee: Nicole Jovicevic, Caroline Baird, Angela Cruz

3. Update the Bulletin Board

4. Candy Cane Sales as part of our second quarter fundraiser. Start buying candy canes in bulk. We can make fliers and advertisements. One idea was to place an advertisement on Tribe News about the Mean Girls scene.

5. International Night
    We can do this during the week(s) in March when all the clubs try to raise money for the school-wide fundraiser. Our entrance fee can be about $2, and all this money will go towards the ASPCA. The event will have featured performances from different cultures and have a variety of diverse foods. We can present this idea to other clubs (Hispanic Club, French Club, etc.) so that they can also contribute.
Committee: Monique Nemes, Libby Krcik, Megan John, Wiktor Ezlakowski, Alvin George