Summary of March 5th Meeting

posted Mar 6, 2012, 6:32 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 6, 2012, 6:47 PM ]
The tricycle race is Monday, March 12th 
  • Two tricycles $1 to enter. 
  • We can get Yellow or blue tape to delineate the course. 
  • We need Start and Finish posters so let's get two volunteers to make the posters.
Sign up for the ALDEN Bingo event in May. 
  • Few members signed up for this. They were to select May 2, 8, or 11. We can bring this sign-up sheet again to the April meeting to gather more members.
Fundraiser for March
  • Might do Shamrock shakes- must call McDonald's.
  • Committee: Monique Nemes, Rabab Zaidi
International Night
  • This will be a showcase of cultural art, music, dress, performance, food, and perhaps even more.
  • Will contact the supervisors of clubs such as Asian Club, German Club, French Club, Italian Club, Hispanic Club, Spanish Honor Society, Polish Club
  • Admission- We don't have a set price on tickets; food can also cost a certain amount
  • Location: Maybe the auditorium
  • Date: thinking May12
  • All of these questions will be brought up to Mr. Berendt when we have our meeting with him on Wednesday, March 7.
  • Committee: Megan John, Alvin George, Monique Nemes, Wiktor Ezlakowski, Libby Krcik, Rabab Zaidi, Jean Manianglung, Nicole Jovicevic, and Kenny Franco
Open house for interested Juniors on NHS: 
  • Not entirely sure if this will happen.