Summary of April 30 Meeting

posted Apr 30, 2012, 11:16 PM by Unknown user
Activities Fair, May 2nd: 7:30pm-8:30pm
  • 2/3 volunteers needed- Chris Libert is already helping
  • Arrive around 7:20 pm in the caf
  • Explain qualifications to those interested
  • Write down names and emails of incoming freshmen interested in joining later to keep them updated about qualifications
International Festival
  • Tryouts for Performances are this Wednesday 7:30am-8:30am or 3:30pm-4:30pm in L101
  • May 9th, same day as AB/BC Calc tests go to Algonquin, Chippewa, and Iroquois to pass out fliers to students/parents/teachers advertising the night
  • Say how NHS is involved and it's the first year we're hosting
  • Sign up for the school you'll visit
  • Pick up fliers Tuesday afternoon and give whatever is left over to principal of school
Initiation Ceremony: May 17, 7:00pm
You are expected to be here, so email Ms. Wisdom or Dr. Alvarez if there are any issues.

1. Readers (4)
  • Jean Manianglung - Leadership
  • Chris Libert - Character
  • Jana Pundurs - Service
  • Alvin George - Scholarship
2. Honor Guards (6): They are responsible for guiding inductees to their seats, up to the stage, and back to their seats.
  • Megan John
  • Julie Cullotta
  • Lili Tinaglia
  • Becky Levin
  • Libby Krcik
  • Rabab Zaidi
3. Ushers (10): They stand at doors and pass out programs while also helping guests find seats. Afterwards, they usher guests to the reception.
  • Melissa Zbroszczyk
  • Monique Nemes
  • AJ Unander
  • Caroline Blazkow
  • Leah Urias
  • Wiktor Ezlakowski
  • Amy Heffernan
  • Angela Cruz
  • Kelvin Wong
  • Joah Kim
4. Candle Lighters (2): They light candles when speeches are given.
  • Cara Franke
  • Caroline Baird
5. Attendance and Line-up (5): They take attendance and organize new inductees for ceremony. Inductees must be lined up in alphabetical order.
  • Kendall Frank
  • Kenny Franco
  • Nicole Jovicevic
  • Amy Nakano
  • Karen Nakano
6. Clean-up (4): They help clean up the auditorium and put things away after the ceremony.
  • Spencer Walton
  • Tait Jensen
  • James Duckmann
  • Tommy Cerri
7. Name Readers (2): They read the names of the inductees.
  • Ravi Shah
  • Angela Remus
8. Floor Plan and Seating (1): Makes the floor plan arrangements and signs for reserved seating areas.
  • Chris Libert
9. Snacks
  • Abby Mann
  • Amy Dunn
  • Jenna Mussar
  • Melissa Zbroszczyk