to the homepage for the Maine South Tech Dept!

This site was put in place to provide a one-stop information resource for most common technology issues that we see staff and students facing in the building. While the site is not exhaustive by any means, it is constantly being updated with the newest information.

  1. All technology requests should be submitted via the Helpdesk.

    1. Phone emergencies should only be called in if there is a critical classroom-related problem going on at the current time. 
    2. Help requests that are emailed in take second priority to Helpdesk. As a rule of thumb, only non-issue related items should be sent over email.
    3. Please remember that there are items which we do not support any longer or are not allowed to support in accordance with the district tech policy. This list can be found on our FAQ page.

  2. We will tend to your ticket in the order it was received.
    We'll do out best to get to your ticket as soon as we can on first-come first-served basis. We also prioritize the tickets 
    in relation to the severity of the issue. Issues affecting student classrooms and SIS-machine functionality generally take first priority.

Technology Department Staff