Google Certified Apps for Education Trainer Preparation Program

This program has and 80% success rate from last summer!
What is a Google Certified Apps Trainer (GCT)?

This program is designed for organizations and individuals who provide professional training and support to schools using Google Apps Education Edition.
The Google Apps for Education Certification is an official “stamp of approval” from Google.

How might I benefit from becoming a GCT?

This certification gives you access to marketing support, training opportunities, and business visibility in the Google Apps marketplace which could result in you being hired, in your free time, to offer training for schools, businesses, and organizations. A GCT certification is a great addition to a resume and can open doors for your future.

For teacher leaders, this program will help you get the most out of using Google Apps when designing and implementing lessons with your students and for planning staff development in your school. You’ll also get great tips and ideas for using Google Apps from the training modules that will be useful in working with your students.  

What is required to become a GCT?

To become a GCT you will need to pass six online examinations which cost $15 each which test your comprehensive knowledge of Google Apps Education Edition. You will also need to demonstrate work history and experience in technology instruction and/or professional development. Then you will need to create sample learning materials and provide a short video which demonstrates your ability to create and present instructional material. Finally, you will need to submit an application to Google with references from Maine 207 and/or other schools where you have delivered staff development.

What are Google’s requirements to maintain my GCT status?
  1. Re-certify with Google each year.
  2. Teach and document three Google Apps for Ed training sessions each quarter during the year.

How will the Maine 207 Google Certified Trainer Program help me become a GCT?

We have several staff members in Maine 207 that have already earned their GCT endorsements. They have designed a curriculum and outlined a program that will help prepare you to meet the GCT requirements.

The Maine 207 GCT Program consists of five steps:
  1. Training and Exam Preparation: Current GCT’s will teach you about the Google products and prepare you for the Exams
  2. Google Instructional Experiences: This course runs concurrently with our Google Apps in the Collaborative Classroom program. While learning the GCT material you will be able to practice leading others using Google Apps in practicum.
  3. Practice working within a test Google Apps Environment.
  4. Submit the Application: After completing the program we will help lead you through the application process. 
*This program does not guarantee acceptance as a Google Certified Apps Trainer. Certification is granted by Google.

Who is eligible for the Maine 207 GCT Program?

Anyone interested in becoming a GCT is eligible.

When will the GCT Program be offered?

July 23rd-27th

What is the cost of the GCT Program?

$1499 per person which includes 5 days of training, lunches, and access to training materials.