This sandwich looks enticing, doesn't it? Don't you want to learn more about it's creation? Then check out PB&J productions website for all your educational, recreational, and employment needs.

A NOTE FROM YOUR CEO: Hello, PB and J productions consumers. We apologize but there has been some change within the ranks of our company. My office is no longer located at the PB and J corporate headquarters. We have opened a second building to meet the ever changing needs of our consumers in which SLAM JAM, PB and J radio and PB and J studios will be held. We at PB and J want to let you know that we will still be providing quality satire and information to the masses, so please bear with us during this transition. Thanks to all who have made PB and J productions a household name in ridiculousness.

Neil P. Nekola, CEO, HOMERCO. Industries and voice of SLAM JAM

Check out our presentation: Sliderocket Presentation

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