NSERVE is a Career and Technical Education consortium 
of nine high schools in the northern suburbs of Chicago,
representing approximately 24,000 secondary students.

  • Experiential learning helps students make connections between core academics and how that knowledge applies in the world. 
  • More than 95% of high school students take at least one CTE course during their high school career. 
  • Students enrolled in Career & Technical Education Programs have graduation rates of more than 90%, whereas the graduation rate for high school students overall is just under 75%. (Association for Career and Technical Education {ACTE}, n.d.)  
  • The data show that reading and math scores of CTE students are above those of high school students overall, as are their graduation and placement rates.  {Consolidated Annual Report U.S. Department of Education OVAE}
  • Achievement Statistics Fly in the Face of Stereotypes click here

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"The college system assumes that knowledge is power. But knowledge isn't power.

The ability to put knowledge to use is power."   ~ Patrick Combs