Performance Assessment #2, Quarter 2, 2014-15

Wind Ensemble
Symphonic Band
Concert Band
Percussion Ensemble

Ways to Make-up Missing Weekly Rehearsals


1) Make a 30-minute recording of you practicing band and/or orchestra music

2) A one-page single-spaced typed written report on a composer/group whose music we are    

        performing – must include source list

3) A program from a concert you attended that either involves the instrument you play or

        features a band or orchestra, with a 1-page review/critique of the concert

4) A signed program of a concert or recital you performed in (not including your HS band

        performances), with a 1-page self-critique of how you performed

5) Visit and use the note, interval, key or triad trainers.  Print out a report

        of 80% or higher with at least a total of 50 answers.

6) Compose a 16-measure melody for your instrument and accurately perform it for Mr. G


Ways to Make-up Missing a Home Game/Concerts

    Double the size of a daily rehearsal makeup