Friday Feb 21st,  3:20 Full Show Run Through!! 

Entire Cast required!!

(Adagio will run after)

Saturday Feb 22nd Tech Schedule

7:30 am    Breakfast & Meeting     Girls do not be late!!!

8:00           ZUMBA Warm up!!! Stretch

9:00         Act I Lighting (Everyone in costume!)

12:00        Lunch Break

12:45        Act II Lighting (Everyone in costume!)

4:00           Notes & Dinner

5:00           Opening, Closing, & Catching Fire

5:30           Class Dances

6:00           Adagio

7:30           Masks

8:15           Insomnia

8:45           Secret!!!

See schedules & Be On Time!!!

We are rehearsing Sunday the 23rd


Production Schedule!! Mon Feb 24 – Mon March 3rd

Monday:         Show Cleaning!!  Show run with notes, we have NEVER been this far behind and sloppy.

Tuesday:        First Dress Rehearsal.  Whole show in costume without

                         stopping.  Notes and dinner after.

                         Warm up starts at 3:30, run at 4:15

Wednesday:  Final Dress Rehearsal Warm up starts at 3:30 Run through at


                        Dinner Break & Notes at around 6:15pm

                        Warm up for Parent performance at 7:00pm

                        Parent Performance & Yearbook photo shoot 7:30pm 


Thursday:     Opening Night!!

                       We get lots of teachers tonight, we will also have the

                       Plainfield School kids in the audience!!

                       Call 3:00pm

                       Silent Warm up 3:30

                       Curtain 4:00

Friday:          Call 6:00pm

                       Silent Warm up on stage 6:30

                       Curtain 7:00pm


Saturday:      Full Cast Dance Party & Dinner 3:00

                       Prepare for Show 5:45

                       Silent Warm up on stage 6:30

                       Final Curtain 7:00

Monday:       Costume Strike, Dinner & Watch the Show!!

                       We start after school organizing costumes for return.

                       When we finish we will share a meal & watch our fabulous

                       Performance on the BIG SCREEN!!!!

                       (Athletes – Come when you can!!)

Details about Great America & State Festival will be given out!!  J


Food Moms/Dads have already started feeding our dancers! Please make sure to send your money in ASAP so they can continue to plan and create healthy, yummy meals for all dancers. $40 for auditioned members and $30 for our gentlemen. Please make checks payable to Stacey Hahn or cash. Please check calendar regularly for updates on which days food will be served and which meals. 

****To see which dances your dancer is in, please click here!!!