Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 1st: Costume Cleaning. 

Plan on staying after school until 8pm. Please wear a black leo. We will provide dinner. 

Sunday, May 7th: Great America!!!

Saturday, May 13th: ISDF!!!

Wednesday, May 24th: End of Year Picnic, Awards, and Celebration. And of course FOOD!!!

Seniors: Sweets

Juniors: Salty

Sophomores: Drinks

Freshmen: Fruit or Veggie

Orchesis Monday Schedule

3:30 L-101 Meeting

3:50 Caf Warm up & V-Show

4:15 Mary Poppins

4:37 Twelve Princesses / Irish

4:59 Black Swan

5:21 Arabian Nights / Tap

5:43 Dead Silence / Spell Block Tango (Guy Girl)

6:06 Trolls / Hula / Ding Dong (Guy Girl)

6:28 Creepy Princess / Alice Underground (Guy Girl)

6:50 Once Upon Another Time / Frogs (Guy Girl)


7:30        Turn to Stone /  Werewolf / All Guy Dances

8:12 Adagio