ORCHESIS 2014-2015
"Expedition Orchesis"

Great America information: 

  • Bus departs MW at 8:45 am.
  • Park opens at 10am
  • All permission slips must be turned in to get on the bus
  • Performance may be at indoor stage pending the weather. Our performance time is 12:40. Be at stage area by noon.
  • There will be only one bus returning home this year-time TBD (pending weather, etc).
  • If you want a ride home with a parent, there is a special permission slip needed and must be turned in to Claus or J. 
  • Girls: you need black bootie shorts, body tight and black leo for all performances. Please consult your choreographer for shoe needs.
  • Boys: you will be given your costume for Synchro at Great America.
  • YOU MAY NOT LEAVE the Great America grounds. The food at Great America is expensive and you may not bring food in, but you CANNOT leave to go get food at a nearby fast food joint. 
  • Payment is due in the bookstore ASAP ($30) if we purchased you a ticket. 

Monday Rehearsal Schedule: January

3:30           Meet  in L-101

3:45           Warm up

4:00          V-Show / Opening

4:05           Suzanne’s Hip Hop

4:30           That’s Amore / 911 Tribute

4:55           New York / Spanish Contemp / Searchlight

5:20           Bollywood / Still I Rise / Tap

5:45           Business Travel

6:10           Jazzy French

6:35           Car Radio / Boys Syncro V-show Dance

7:00           Never Tear Us Apart / Boys Irish

7:25           Hallelujah /  Boys Hollywood Hip Hop

7:50           Full Cast Assembly Dance (Guys & Girls)

8:00           Guy Girl Dances America / Ghost Busters

8:25           Adagio

Be on time & warm for your rehearsal!!  J