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Print resources are physical and digital books prepared by subject-area experts presenting primary and
secondary source information as well as statistics, images, facts, and/or narrative.

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Search the online catalog to find resources on specific topics.
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   Japan Art  
   Japan Civilization 
   Japan Culture
   Japan Food
                                                                                     Japan History 
                                                                                     Tea ceremony

 Most print resources on [topic] or [topic] will be located in [call numbers]  

     R 200.3 Religions of the world 
    294.3 Buddhism

    299.56 Shinto
    306 Cultures
and customs

    394.15 Tea ceremony 
    709.52 Japanese art & culture
    952 Japan 

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eBook reference content including multi-volume encyclopedias, biographical collections, 
  business plan handbooks, company history compilations, consumer health references, 
  and specialized reference sources.  Provides ReadSpeaker technology (text-to-speech)
  allowing text to be read aloud to 
users and downloaded in MP3 format.
Search examples: 
   Buddhism     Japan         Japan Art  Japan Civilization        Japan Culture       Japan Food

                                                                          Japan History              
 Kabuki              Shinto                  Tea ceremony, etc.

Special collections of information prepared by subject-area experts available digitally in a variety of formats. 
Invisible to search engines such as Google.  


Biography in Context
A single stop for biographies on notable people including full text magazine and
newspaper articles photos and 
suggested websites.

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         See list of persons from your teacher  



Access to four complete encyclopedias, magazine articles graphics,
audio clips, videos and websites.

Search examples:
Go to Advanced > On the "with all these words" line enter your topic, for example Japan Religion 



Country information including history, customs,
 family lifestyle, and economy in report format.

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Culturegrams Clickable World  Map

Daily Life Online:  World Folklore and Folklife 
Provides resources related to the myths, legends, and folktales of people around the world
as well as history, religions, 
beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, horlidays, festivals, music, dance,
food, arts, and crafts.
                                                                   Search Examples:
                                      Japanese Mythology 

Daily Life Through History
Covers ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Viking, Inca, Mayan, Chinese, as
well as time periods and events 
like the European Middle Ages, Renaissance, Elizabethan England,
                                                    World War I and the Holocaust. Find these specific topics: 
science and religion, inventions and
                                                    discoveries,  food, sports and women’s roles.
                                                                             Search examples:
                                                                                       Go to Advanced Search > Check era Life in the Modern World, 1900-Present > Select Subject such as
                                                                          Education, Food, Religion & Beliefs, Social Customs, etc.

Student Resources in Context
Database of reference works, biographies, essays, overviews, primary works, images, and periodical articles from 
literary, science, health, history, and biography resources.
Search examples:
Go to Advanced search > Enter Japan as keyword  >  add row and enter Religion as key word

World Data Analyst
Create tables and charts comparing countries using multiple statistical categories, focus on a single country, or 

compare changes over time.
                                                      Search examples:



ipl2: Information You Can Trust

Internet Public Library 2
A global information community that provides authoritative collections,
information assistance, and information instruction for the public.
Search examples:
     Buddhism     Japan         Japan Art  Japan Civilization        Japan Culture       Japan Food

      Japan History              
 Kabuki              Shinto                  Tea ceremony, etc.


WebPath Express
Access to trustworthy and relevant K-12 web sites, reviewed by experts daily to ensure
educational value, age-appropriateness and availability. Information relevant to student
needs and verified for factual accuracy and objectivity. Grade-level information provided
for each result.

Click picture > Go to Maine West High School Library > Go to WebPath Express

                                                                 Buddhism     Japan         Japan Art  Japan Civilization        Japan Culture       Japan Food

                                                                     Japan History              
 Kabuki              Shinto                  Tea ceremony, etc.

Asia Society   Go to For Students > Scroll to find articles on Japan
Background Note:  Japan – from the U.S. Department of State.  History, Government , People, Foreign Relations, Politics
CIA World Fact Book   from the drop down menu Select a country or location, scroll to Japan
A Country Study: Japan – from the Library of Congress.  Extensive site. 
Japan Country Profile – from the BBC.  Includes Timeline, Facts, Leaders and Media.
Japan Fact Sheet web-japan.org  History, Economy, Government, Culture, Society, Sports
Japan-guide.com – bottom of home page has links Arts and Crafts, History, Religion, Etiquette, Food, Tradition, and more
Japan Times  Online
   Go to Life in Japan drop down menu for Life & Style, Food and Drink, Evironment
Jguide ~ from Stanford University.   Go to Society and Culture
Web Japan  Trends, Video, Fact Sheets