Drama Department

About the Maine East Drama Department

The courses in the speech and drama curriculum are designed to develop specific skills and attitudes that will be useful to students in other courses and in effective communications with people.  A variety of courses in this area are designed to give all students an opportunity to reach their full potential as intelligent, imaginative, creative, logical thinkers and speakers.  Speech/Drama courses teach students where to look and what to look for in gathering support for an idea.  They also help students learn to give, to accept and to follow constructive criticism; listen courteously and critically as others speak; become more logical, more direct and more creative in organizing thoughts for presentation; learn to control the fear of speaking or performing before an audience and, as a result, become a more confident person.

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Karen M. HallTheatre Director847-692-8338khall@maine207.org
Jessica MitilineosAuditorium Director847-692-8266jmitilineos@maine207.org

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