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Upcoming Events

Updated: Thursday May 28, 2015
Band Camp 2015 
Annual Potluck Dinner & Parent Show
When? This Friday, August 7.  Dinner @ 5pm, Show @ 6pm
Where? MEHS - Faculty Caf for Dinner, East Lot for Show
Who? All Band Students + Alumni, Family, Friends, Fans
Do I need to bring food? YES! All students are instructed to bring a dish to share.  Just any dish, you ask?  No way!  Their best dish.  Your family's favorite, time-honored, tradition-filled dish to share.  Let's make this the best potluck ever! 

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Attention all band students and parents!  If you have not yet signed up for the @meband Remind101 text alerts, DO IT TODAY!  This confidential & free messaging service allows Ms. Holt to text reminders of time, clothing, last minute changes to events, etc. to all band students and parents on the list.  Marching band is a popular and busy group - everyone needs to stay updated on all information at all times for the group to be successful. 
Text: (331) 215-6371
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