Our Mission

The Maine Township High School District 207 Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that operates independently of the District 207 Board of Education. A volunteer Board of Trustees made up of business, education and community leaders governs the Foundation. Established in the spring of 1993, the Foundation has the following mission:

"To acquire and distribute resources to the students and staff of District 207 for the purpose of providing extended learning opportunities".

Limited funding for education puts enrichment programs and services in jeopardy. Designed to enhance education, the Foundation can make the difference between a good education and an excellent education without using tax dollars.

The Foundation trustees are responsible for determining guidelines for project funding, for selecting projects, and for dispensing funds. However, the trustees encourage suggestions from school personnel, alumni, members of the community and work closely with the District 207 Board of Education to develop creative teaching and learning enrichment programs.

Goals of the Foundation

To promote student development by:

    • providing resources for additional educational enrichment activities
    • providing grants for students to pursue additional educational opportunities

To encourage excellence through creative teaching by:

    • supporting professional growth for all staff
  • providing resources for “best practice” teaching ideas and programs

To encourage school/community partnerships by:

  • providing an organization to facilitate cooperative ventures among the Foundation, community groups, and the school district.