Maine South Alumni Wall of Fame

The Maine South Wall of Honor Program 2013

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Class of 1965 
U.S. Secretary of State 
U.S. Senator for New York 
First Lady of the United States 
A member of Maine South’s inaugural graduating class, Hillary Rodham Clinton has undoubtedly become the most widely recognized individual from the Maine South community In her roles as Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady of the United States, First Lady of Arkansas, attorney, author, and activist, Hillary has accomplished more in securing justice for women and children, recognizing the rights of minorities and the disenfranchised, and advocating for international peace than most people could possibly dream of attempting. 

Visiting 79 countries during the late 1990s, Hillary became the most-traveled First Lady in American history. Warmly received on her visits, she nonetheless was troubled by the plight of women she witnessed. At the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, defying pressures to soften her messages, Hillary stated, . . human rights are women’s tights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.” Her message echoed forth, From that time forward, she has continued to speak out strongly against the abuse of women while encouraging women to make themselves heard in the political processes of their countries. 
As a member of Congress, Hillary consistently championed For the oppressed and needy. She has continued to advocate for universal health care, protecting the rights of all families and children, and securing educational opportunities. On the world’s stage, as Secretary of State, she has been honored for her commitment and visionary approach to ending global hunger. Her people-to-people diplomacy while negotiating for peace and reconciliation among fractious groups, most notably in the Middle East, restored international faith in the United States. With intelligence, drive, and perseverance—the foundations of which she credits to Maine Township schools—Hillary has deftly built new relationships and managed old ones on behalf of the United States and the people of the world, Throughout her journeys into the upper echelons of government and world affairs, in a simple way, Hillary has affirmed that “it takes a village to raise a child.” 

Patricia Callahan - Class of 1989 
Journalist - Pulitzer Prize Recipient 2000 & 2008 
Trish’s skill in writing insightfully and fluently, her ability to see beyond the surface of issues and events, her grace with language and argument -- all underscored that, even in her years at Maine South, she was a young woman with promises to keep. Throughout her career in journalism, Trish has said her “favorite investigations explore where business interests collide with the welfare of children or other vulnerable groups” As a Henry Luce Scholar, she launched her professional career in Bangkok, reporting about social policy in Southeast Asia and also investigating the trafficking of children in Thailand, The evolving scope of Trish’s investigative topics has ranged from the chemical and tobacco industries deceptive use of toxic arid ineffective flame retardants in household products to Chicago’s bungling of the expansion of O’Hare Airport to doctors pedaling dangerous and unfounded treatments for children with autism. 

Recognition of Trish’s journalistic accomplishments has been extensive and ongoing. Most notably, to date, Trish has earned not one but  two Pulitzer Prizes. In 2000 she received the first for Breaking News Reporting as a lead reporter on The Denver Post team covering the Columbine High School shootings. Eight years later her Chicago Tribune ‘Hidden Hazards” series on unsafe children’s products lead to her second Pulitzer--this time for Investigative Reporting. Her writing continues to prove the importance of not merely looking at the world in which we live, but also truly seeing that world and then choosing how we might best live within it. 
Both personally and professionally, Patricia Callahan has consistently taken the initiative in recognizing important issues embedded in something as familiar and unthreatening as a crib mattress and bringing that awareness to the public.

Nathan E Hultman - Class of 1992 
University of Maryland Associate Professor 
Director of the Environment and Energy Policy Program at the School of Public Policy 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Associate Director Joint Global Change Research Institute 
The Brookings Institution - Fellow, Global Economy & Development Program 

Nathan Hultman embodies the ultimate expression of what any school would want of its alumni: a graduate who continues to develop his talents and then uses those talents to be a part of “the solution” Nathan’s expertise lies in merging science and public policy to seek bold responses for the global problems of environment and poverty. Dating to the Kyoto Conference in 1997, Dr. Hultman has been an active participant in the United Nations’ response to climate change. His research focuses on international climate policy, green growth innovations, and private sector decisions to undertake low-carbon energy investments. His projects address the effectiveness of energy and environmental technology and policy in emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Korea, and South Africa as well as the United States. Such transformational innovations are green, healthy’, affordable, and personal. Simply put, Nathan promotes ideas and initiatives that provide sustainable solutions to global challenges within local markets.
Great change takes place one step at a time. Nathan Hultman is becoming a pathfinder guiding us through our rapidly evolving world.