Word Masters Challenge

September 2011
Maine West - English - Mr. Robert Brown
Foundation Award: $298

Aimed at accelerated and Advanced Placement students in English in grades 9-12, the WordMasters Challenge is a close reading exercise that gives students valuable practice in"perceptive reading, sensitivity to language,and an appreciation of style." advanced reading skills, literary analysis,poetry explication, and vocabulary. WordMasters is useful as preparation for the ACT, the SAT I, the SAT II in English, and the English A.P.exams in language and literature. Four times during the academic year, Accel and A.P. English students will "compete" in a WordMasters "meet." Given a passage of prose or poetry, students will answer up to fifteen critical reading questions of varied difficulty.Before these "meets," students are given lists of vocabulary terms and literary terms that will appear in the passage and questions. These terms would be reviewed before the actual "meet." After the "meet" the best scores in each grade level are submitted to a national competition in which over 500 other high schools participate.