Vaccine Freezer

April 2013
Maine East- School Based Health Center - Ms. Angie Hughes
Foundation Award: $695

The District 207 School-Based Health Center (D207 SBHC) is a strong example of service to young people from multiple communities, especially those who have difficulty navigating the complexities of the healthcare system or who are currently disconnected from appropriate healthcare overall. Serving as a model for other educational institutions to follow, the D207 SBHC is committed to connecting this needy population to the health care they require so all Maine Township District 207 high school students can “Be Well and Do Well”. Without this services academic successes can become compromised. Thus, the proposal of providing a HemaCare freezer for storing student vaccines, thereby helping to ensure healthy students so that they may experience extended learning opportunities, fits well with the mission of the Educational Foundation mini-grant.

The D207 SBHC supports all Maine Township high school students in need. Your kind consideration of our request will help to ensure the continuation of critical programs and services needed to sustain the health and well-being of our district’s unique and diverse population. To that end, the funds received would allow the D207 SBHC to provide for a needed HemaCare freezer, This freezer is a necessary upgrade for storing available vaccines for students at the appropriate temperature.

Modeling a true collaborative effort between Maine Township High School District 207, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and Advocate Medical Group, the goal of the D207 SBHC is to improve the physical and emotional health of students attending all District 207 schools (as well as our other District feeder students in need) and teach them life-long positive health behaviors. The D207 SBHC is open Monday through Friday during school hours and select evening hours to accommodate families in need. Since its inception in March of 2003, the D207 SBHC has served over 17,000 student contacts. The D207 SBHC also prides itself in helping immigrant families navigate their way through the complexities of the United States healthcare system since many are new to our country and many families are additionally burdened with severely limited financial resources. The clinic serves as an access point for students and their families. Having strong relationships with several community-based organizations, the D207 SBHC is able to connect families in need. This holistic approach is essential to the school- based health model.