US History Lecture Series

October 2012
Maine East- Social Sciences - Mr. Chris Peters
Foundation Award: $700

As part of a history enrichment program, we continuing a lecture series with approximately six sessions this academic year that would offer students the opportunity to hear from experts in specific fields of U.S. History. We plan to have college professors speak at Maine East High School and share their expertise with the students. Each session is held after school for about an hour and allow students to further explore a topic in U.S. History, thus giving them a greater understanding and appreciation for history. These sessions are open to all students of Maine East High School and further enrich their high school experience, as well as prepare them for college. 

We have already contacted several professors in the greater Chicago area and currently three have confirmed positively, Professor Robert Johnston, Director of Teaching of History Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Professor Michelle Nickerson of Loyola University, and Professor Jeffrey Sklansky of UIC. We are still waiting to hear back from the others.