Summer Reading

April 2013 - Maine South - Colleen Hatch & Matthew Parrilli
May 2013 - Maine West - Susan Savage
Foundation Award: $3300

Each year, Maine Township High School students are assigned the task of reading a book over the summer to be selected from lists based on their fall English class enrollments. The Summer Reading program affects all Maine students. This year’s South book fair will take place on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013.

Over the past few years, students in need have approached their English teachers with concerns about not being able to purchase the summer reading books. On an individual basis, the English department has subsidized these students. We have found that it is difficult for these students to admit that they are in need, and we would like to propose a remedy to it. Last year we requested data regarding students who participate in the free and reduced lunch program to see how many students could not legitimately purchase their summer reading books at the book fair in May. The number of students was surprising, and we realized there are several students who may never have asked anyone for assistance and just chose not to read over the summer.

Last year the Education Foundation generously donated $1,000 to our Summer Reading Program. The funds were greatly appreciated and allowed us the opportunity to have 65 students use vouchers to purchase their books. So, again this year we analyzed the data and came up with a dollar amount that will cover the cost of the required reading books for all of the students in the free and reduced lunch program at Maine South. This way, they will leave for the summer with their required reading book in their hands.

We will again compose a letter to the students and their families explaining that the Education Foundation has generously agreed to support the Maine South Summer Reading Program by purchasing the required reading book for their child. Enclosed with the letter will be a coupon that the student will present at the time of purchase at the May book fair. The system we implemented last year was individualized, discrete, and easy for the students to get the books they needed, and we plan on using it again this year. With what we learned from last year, we anticipate being able to get greater student participation in the program.

There are over 1000 students that will benefit from this donation amount based on the number of students in each grade level that are currently on our Free and Reduced Lunch list.