Safe Ride Home

September 2012
Maine West - Ms. Audrey Haugan, Principal
Foundation Award: $250 (50 rides at $5.00 each)

Maine West will re-institute the Safe Ride Home program. Des Plaines Cab Company is willing to give our students a safe ride home if they ever find themselves in an unsafe situation, where a student might feel threatened, where they are with other students who have been drinking, or where they themselves have been drinking. 

West is working with the Des Plaines Cab Company to provide rides home to our Maine West students, within the District 207 boundaries, if a student ever finds him/herself in an unsafe situation, a threatening situation or in an emergency situation, they can call the cab company, who will make sure the student gets home safely. 

Students will give the cab driver their name and ID number, along with their Safe Ride Home card. The card and information will be turned in the next day to the bookstore, by the cab company. Students will be allowed to retrieve their card from the bookstore, with an instruction sheet on who to talk with, should they need to share information with someone. The SRO will be notified. On the first cab ride, no contact will be made afterwards with the student beyond the information sheet. if the student were to use the cab company a second time in the same school year, the SRO would meet with the student to determine if everything is okay with the student. He/she will have the card returned a second time. 

We found this to be extremely helpful in the past. Students did not abuse the ride privilege and parents appreciated the idea that their student could always call someone for assistance. We do not expect to use the full grant amount. The bookstore will monitor the cards for the students along with the money disbursement to the cab company, and will keep records of all transactions. 

The program was previously stopped when the cab company West was using changed owners. They were not willing to continue the program. Phil Olsen, our SRO contacted the Des Plaines Cab Company, who said they were more than willing to work with our students.