Maine Flyer 1945

May 2013
Foundation Award: $1000

Maine South, Maine Last, and Maine West are partnering with the Park Ridge Historical Society to create a documentary style video about the Class of 1945 and their experiences living in wartime America. Specifically, we are interested in capturing the story of the Maine Flyer, a C54 Skymaster cargo plane that was built in Maine Township and was used in the war effort. The class of 1945 raised over $500,000 to fund the building of the plane ($6.2 million dollars in today’s money).
Students in broadcasting, journalism, newspaper, and at-large at all three schools will participate in filming, producing, formulating questions, and interviewing members of the Class of 1945, along with members of the Classes of ‘46, ‘47’ and ‘48. The project will run from May 2013 to November 2013 in an effort to capture the stories of members of the quickly disappearing “Greatest Generation.” 
The project with be overseen by me, in consultation with Mike Pressler and Audrey Haugen, Teralyn Keith in consultation with Ed Eubank and Pat Barnett, the broadcasting teachers, and John Murphy of the Park Ridge Historical Society. The desired end product is a documentary style video that we would premier locally at the high schools and in the community; perhaps at a reunion of the Class of 1945.