May 2013
Alliance for Lifelong Learning / Evening High School (Night School)
Foundation Award: $2000

The Evening High School program consists predominately of Maine Township students who have elected to withdraw from their respective day schools. Though their reasons for withdrawal vary, all of the students in the program have a strong desire to complete their high school course work and graduate from their home schools. 

Our students generally further their education, often enrolling in trade schools, as well as two- year and four-year colleges. The need for technological competency is great, whether students enter the workforce or continue their education. 

As is, our students have limited access to computers for even the most basic tasks, and we feel strongly that the use of one-to-one computing can help successfully prepare our students for their futures. 

The Google Chromebook is a perfect medium for our students. The Chromebook will allow students to access Google tools, which will greatly aid the scope of classroom activities. Students will also be able to research and apply various on-line tools to classroom activities, making learning more cohesive with the technological competencies that students will be expected to have. 

We feel that the tools available through the Chromebook will satisfy many of our student’s academic needs. Because the concept of one-to-one computing is new to the district, we would like to start with a pilot program of 15 computers, which will be used by all teachers and all classes on a rotating basis.