2012 - 2013 Grants

Total Grants Awarded    25
Total Amount Granted   $22,886.30

Warrior Pride      West     Audrey Haugan               $1000.0
Safe Ride Home Program     West     A. Haugan     $250.  check returned
U.S. History Speaker Fees      East     Chris Peters     $700.
Latino Student Summit    West     Claudia Rueda Alvarez     $1000.
English - Tech Projects     West     Todd Ruder & Kim Reznik     $500.
Maine Township Institute for Space Studies     ALL     Annie Probst    $500.
English - Author Visit     East      Rika Gherbani     $500.
Intensive Writing / Essay Project for Michael Kuehl Competition     South     Robyn Corelitz     $800.   
D.C. Travel for Constitution Team     South     Andy Trenkle     $100. per student / max. $2900.
Cardiac Screening      South     Rose Garlasco      $500
Equipment & supplies for a Science Research Program     South     Thomas Eagan     $2000. (Kuehl)
Equipment for student athletic training camps for four students     West     Charles P. Marth     $1,116.80
Small wind turbine installation at Homestead House     West     Bartolomeo Masellis     $400.
Gifted Lyceum/Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program     East     Judy Tyler     $1500.
Service Trip-Voice of the Nameless     West     Randy Harper     $900.
Spoken Word Poetry Slam     West     Eric Coval     $950.
DECCA International Competition     West     David Baysinger     $110. per student     $1300.
COACH T-shirts     East & West     P. Sterenberg & B. Getz     $996.
Summer Reading     South     M. Parrilli & C. Hatch    $1800. / $971.50 surplus returned
Vaccine storage upgrade     East     A. Hughes     $695.
Class of 1945"Maine Flyer" project   ALL     A. Haugan, M. Pressler, &S. Messmer     $1000. / $1000. returned
DECA National Competition     South      Joseph Griguras     $200.
Chromebooks for students     South     M. Ellefson     $2000.
National History Day Competition     South     M. Biondo     $100.
Summer Reading     West    Susan Savage     $1500.