Race to Nowhere

The education foundations for Park Ridge-Niles School District 64 and Maine Township High School District 207 will present for community viewing the documentary “Race to Nowhere” at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 29, in the Maine South High School auditorium.

The film was produced and co-directed by a former Wall Street attorney and mother of three, Vicki Abeles. By making the 85-minute documentary available locally, the District 64 Elementary Learning Foundation (ELF) and Maine Township High School District 207 Educational Foundation hope to generate an open community discussion in which various views of the nation’s education system may be shared.

In the past six months, almost 600,000 people have attended more than 2,000 screenings of the documentary. Following a model utilized in other communities that have shown “Race to Nowhere,” District 64 and 207 education foundations will present a panel discussion and facilitate a Town Hall-style question-and-answer session at the film’s conclusion.

Maine South High School’s auditorium seats about 800. Admission to the August 29 showing is free, but those wishing to attend must reserve a seat, which may be done online at http://rtnmshs.eventbrite.com/ and http://www.racetonowhere.com/epostcard/5134

The mission of ELF is “to expand and enrich lifelong learning opportunities for all students in District 64.” The mission of the District 207 Educational Foundation is “to acquire and distribute resources to the students and staff of District 207 for the purpose of providing extended learning opportunities.” Both foundations achieve their missions by generating funds and making grants available to the districts they support.

For further information, please contact Carolyn Uhlig at cuhlig@comcast.net.