Illinois Music Educators Association All-State Conference.

January 2012
Maine West - Fine Arts - Mr. Patrick S. Barnett
Foundation Award: $500 

The Maine West Wind Ensemble and their director, Bernie Gerstmayr, have been invited to perform at the 2012 Illinois Music Educator’s Association (IMEA) All-State Conference in Peoria, Illinois on January 28, 2012. This activity involves 58 of Maine West’s brightest and best instrumental musicians. The project involves the students preparing a 40 minute concert to be presented to the state-wide membership of the IMEA that is in attendance at the conference. This project represents a musical event similar to a state-level competition the likes of a football championship game. Student growth and achievement occurs at high and unprecedented levels due to participation in events such as this one. 

This journey began in the Spring of 2011 when Mr. Gerstmayr applied to the IMEA to perform at this year’s All-State Conference. The students have been working both in class and outside of class to prepare for this performance. Five professional guest conductors have been brought in to work with the students to help them prepare for their performance. 

The prepared handout given to attendees represents the honor and prestige of our District. This program will be professionally printed and contain the selections that the band will perform, congratulatory letters from Dr. Audrey Haugan, Patrick Barnett, and Molly VonWees, Maine West Fine Arts Booster President. In addition, the program will contain historical and anecdotal information about District 207, and Maine West High School. The cost of printing 1000 copies of this program will be about $1,200. An additional funding request will be made of the Des Plaines Kiwanis to supplement funds from District 207 regular budgets and student activities monies.