Gifted Lyceum

March 2012
Maine East - Ms. Judy Tyler
Foundation Award - $2000

This summer (2012) the Gifted Lyceum will be traveling to Wyoming, Pennsylvania through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program from July 29 - August 4th as part of the curricular requirements of the Leadership for Life course. We are taking 23 students again this summer. The students will be spending a week rebuilding and cleaning homes after tornado and flooding from Tropical Storm Lee. Our students will be attending dry wall classes prior to the trip to maximize their productivity at the work sites. These relief trips have been very successful and powerful learning experiences for the students of Maine East and we are extremely grateful for the Foundation’s generous gifts over the past three years. 

An increase in funding from the Foundation partially offsets increased travel costs due to the unavailability of school district vans this year. The Lyceum Budget will cover gas for the vans. All of the adult volunteers, including Maine East Staff members, (Judy Tyler, Chris Villalobos, Mitch Melton, Kristen Nielson from Gemini Junior High and Travis Mathews) are donating not only their time but also the cost to attend the camp.