Carnival of the Animals

YouTube Video

December 2011
Maine East - Music - Mr. Edward Eubank
Foundation Award: $600

The Maine East Winter Concert included a performance of Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals. The piece calls for two pianos with orchestra and the Foundation assisted with funding for rental of a second Steinway concert grand piano. Services of two professional concert pianists, Mr. Alexander Djordjevic and Dr. William Koehler , donated their time and talent to this endeavor.

In addition, 1100 elementary school students from East Maine School District 63 were invited to attend a special children's presentation of the Winter Concert in the Maine East Auditorium on the morning of Monday, December 12. By doing this, the music department included students who will one day be Maine East students. The community outreach aspect of this idea has excellent potential.

This is a "MUST SEE" video of the concert!