Uninsured Students

April 2012
Maine East (all schools) - Mr. Scott Chovanec
Foundation Award - $1225

Special Recognition

This grant was partially funded by direct contributions collected at the 2012 Annual Benefit Dinner from these benefactors:
     Bob & Kathy Dollaske
     Bonnie & Henry Trenkle
     Jim & Verne Farrell
     Ken Wallace
     Peter & Mary Ryan
     Philip J. Bergquist
     Paula Besler
     Sharon Baima
     Ken Haller
     Greg Alford
     Eric Leys
     Greg Dietz
     Margaret McGrath
     Sean Sullivan
     James Blue
     Ramona Black
     Phil Loveall
     Scott Chovanec
     Sandra Williams
     Dan Wilson
The School Based Health Center supports all Maine Township high school children in need. This grant will go a long way to ensuring that the critical programs and services needed to sustain the health and well-being of our district’s unique and diverse population will continue. To that end, the funds received allow the Center to provide physical examinations for up to 49 uninsured / non-insured students, at a cost of $25 each, for a total of $1225. This comprehensive examination is provided to every student seen at the center. It includes a thorough risk assessment for drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, diet and depression. This not only allows the clinician to identify problem areas, but also provides a template for further counseling and treatment, if needed.

Modeling a true collaborative effort between Maine Township High School District 207, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and Advocate Medical Group, the goal of the School Based Health Center is to improve the physical and emotional health of students attending all three Maine schools, as well as our other District feeder students ‘in need’, and teach them life-long positive health behaviors. The SBHC is open Monday through Friday during school hours and select evening hours to accommodate families in need. Since inception in March of 2003, eight years ago, the School Based Health Center has served over 14,500 student contacts. By providing these critical examination components for qualified students, we can help them improve their physical wellness and help keep them healthy enough to stay in school. This thorough approach has enabled the School Based Health Center to help hundreds of students to make the right choices. In addition, the Center also prides itself in helping immigrant families navigate their way through the complexities of the United States healthcare system since many are new to our country and many families are additionally burdened with severely limited financial resources. The clinic serves as an access point for students and their families. With strong relationship to several community-based organizations, the School Based Health Center is able to connect families in need. This holistic approach is essential to the school based health model.