Space Exploration

March 2010
Maine East, South & West - Ms. Ann Propst
Foundation Award - $500
The Maine Township Institute for Space Studies was developed to provide students with an opportunity to explore space related topics in more depth than classroom curriculum allows. In addition, the sponsors have adopted the Problem Based Learning format in which crafted ill-structured problems provide the context in which learners acquire knowledge and skill in problem-solving with the help of “coaching”. 

Last year(2009-2010) students created a planetary walk for community children to participate in and we had a great deal of success! It became clear that there is a need in our community for more opportunities for children and adults to learn about topics pertaining to space. The kids who attended last year were asking great questions about the planets and we have even had parents of kids who came ask if we could do something like that again because the kids are still talking about it! As advocates of MTISS (Maine Township Institute for Space Studies), we want to make sure that we are furthering the cause of space exploration in our community and helping our community understand current explorations taking place in our solar system. 

Lately there has been a lot of information in the news about trying to find life on other planets or moons in our solar system and new environments that life can survive in. If we know more about our solar system’s planetary and lunar environments, then we can better predict what life would need to survive off of to be found there. 

There is a need for more education on our solar system and these new life forms in our world, but more specifically in our community. If we want space exploration to continue to be funded we need to raise the awareness of its importance to the general public. We need your help to inform the community as to why knowing about our solar system and identifying potential life forms/environments are so important. On Saturday, April 16th we will have a day dedicated to informing our community on these topics. Let’s get started!