October 2010
Maine South - All School Assembly - Linda Borchen
Foundation Award: $1000

On Hawk Pride Day, November 10, 2010, Mr. Cary Trivanovich spoke to an all school assembly on the topic of "Choose character over bullying. Mr. Trivanovich is a nationally recognized speaker in school assemblies about bullying for over two decades - since long before bullying came to the forefront of concern in America's schools. He is a highly engaging and visually stimulating speaker who uses pantomime to deliver a message on the subject, as well as develop his uncanny connection with teens.

His message focused on these points.
  • The painful consequences of physical, social, and online "cyber" bullying. 
  • Exposing the mindset of bullies, revealing their desire to be somebody, and how bullying ultimately accomplishes the opposite.  
  • Encouraging the bullied, giving them helpful and practical advice. 
  • Explaining that the notion of not tattling or "snitching" when students witness bullying is adolescent and dangerous, and that they should help victims of bullying by reporting and protecting. 
  • He concludes his message with the challenge to be the kind of peer who is a magnet for friends - unselfish and giving.