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posted Nov 1, 2011, 11:59 AM by Gregory Regalado   [ updated Nov 15, 2011, 1:33 PM ]
Yesterday afternoon I went out to lunch with Curtis Floyd (Director of Building & Grounds at MW) to talk to him about what steps we have taken to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly at MW.  It was a very enjoyable lunch and discussion (wish it was longer b/c we ran out of time).  Through our discussion we talked about (in no particular order) a variety of topics.  I know we just skimmed the surface of what our building has done but this is just a start for future conversations that I will continue w/ my students.   
  • Washrooms have transitioned to electric dryers over cloth and paper towels.
  • Night lights have been changed over to CFLs.
  • Hallway lights have been placed on timers to go on and turn off five minutes before and after periods.
  • Light sensors have been installed in offices and washrooms.
  • Bus concourse lights have been changed over to CFLs.
  • Dim lighting system has been installed in the theatre.
  • Removal of fluorescent lights (about 50%)
  • About 50% of the ceiling lights in the Student cafeteria have been removed (no one even noticed!)
  • Recycle bin is emptied twice a week (everything is recycled except styrofoam)
  • MW uses only recycled paper.
  • HVAC is computerized and is more efficient.
  • HVAC has regulated room temperature from 70 to 73 during the summer and 72 to 69 during the winter.
  • Noise abatement has enabled MW to remove and replace of all the windows from aluminum single pane to a 2 pane gasket system.
  • HVAC included variable speed drives in the water system (radiator w/ a fan) which is more energy efficient.
  • Through the Health Life Safety State Fund available for schools when new roofing is installed an insulating membrane is placed under the new roof.
  • HVAC night temperature is regulated by setting it back to 56 till just before the start of each school day (during winter season).
  • Summer school shifted from a 5 day week to a 4 day week.
  • Ceiling and floor standing fans are utilized throughout the school.
  • Building and Grounds are in compliance with low or no VOCs.
  • Chemicals used are considered “green.”
  • Recycled paper produced are purchased:  toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Buffers (for cleaning floors) are replaced with dust collection systems.
  • Exterior lights have been replaced to eliminate the 400 watts, HID lights to ones without ballasts and PCBs.
  • Through R3 Environment all materials are disposed of properly (science and art classes, light bulbs, chemicals, paint thinner...)
  • Through Interstate Battery Co. batteries are recycled (over 400 lbs of batteries last time around!).
  • Rechargeable batteries are purchased whenever possible.
  • Brass, Copper and aluminum are recycled.
As I’m writing this I keep thinking of a variety of other aspects we didn’t touch base on like all the trees we’ve planted on the campus and the new green house currently being built.  Plus, to branch out from the Building and Grounds to all the teachers that carpool and/or take public transportation to school.  Even to how teachers are becoming more and more paperless.  It’s astonishing and amazing to think about all the positive changes that have been implemented over the years.  I’m proud to be associated with MW!