Smart Module Desalination

In the world today, there are many communities that lack clean and potable water. The 2015-16 Smart Desalination Project is an ongoing attempt to design an automated, low-cost, and portable desalinization unit. Over the past few years, different groups have worked to complete similar designs. One group used a stainless steel pressure vessel. Another group fabricated a composite pressure vessel that later failed during the pressure testing stage. This year’s senior capstone team will design a desalination unit that utilizes ultrasonic testing to monitor the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. Studies and tests show that using ultrasonic testing to monitor the life of a membrane can increase membrane life expectancy. Increased membrane life means a decrease in maintenance downtime and an increase in overall production.  Another focus of this year's capstone team will be to improve upon the previously fabricated composite pressure vessel. As stated above, the previous design failed during pressure testing; therefore, a new design to reinforce the vessel has been completed and installed.