Site/Center Resources

Google Drive: Class Materials & Exam Distribution

  • Review information about distributing exams and expectations for site and center staff, and UMAAL, with regards to Google Drive. (In order to access Google Drive, you need a UMS ID. See the "UMS ID Request" link under the "Forms" heading, below, to request one.)

Fall 2018

Off-Campus Library Services ILL Book Logs

Off-Campus Library Services (OCLS) provides spreadsheets for site and center staff to track interlibrary loan (ILL) activity for distance locations. Please note that there are separate sheets: one for sites and one for centers.

If using these sheets is new to you, be sure to review the Library Lending Service Information sheet before proceeding. If you click on the appropriate link below and receive a message that you do not have access, please request access. Feel free to contact OCLS with any questions.

Multi-campus Information

  • Memory Dial NumbersThis is a list of numbers students need to use to dial into the ITV classrooms. You can locate the course broadcast room on the grid.


    • A note about scan sheets: Exams distributed through UMAAL currently use three different type of scan sheets. If an instructor requires a scan sheet to be completed with an exam:
                     - The small blue scan sheets (two-sided) are used for UMA classes.
 - The small brown scan sheets (one-sided) are used ONLY for UMA's nursing classes, and arrive at your location via "snail mail," sent directly from the nursing faculty.
 - The large blue scan sheets (two-sided) are used for UM classes.
  • UMS ID RequestIn order to access Google Apps or Blackboard, you need a UMS ID.  A UMS ID consists of a username (such as robert.smith) and a password.  That username creates an email address (e.g.  You access your email hereIf someone at your site needs a UMS ID, send them the link to this form for providing the necessary information.