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Primary Resources

  • Depository Management / FDLP (Federal Depository Library Program) Desktop
    The Instructions to Depository Libraries contains the requirements that all depository libraries must follow. This section of the FDLP Desktop provides resources that will assist you in administering your depository operation to be compliant with the Instructions. These include guidance for establishing policies, resources and tools to help you build your collection and services, and a location from which to conduct business with LPS.
  • Instructions to Depository Libraries / FDLP Desktop

Secondary Resources



  • Browse Topics / GPO Access & University of Central Oklahoma
    Topical pathfinders for government information.
  • CD-ROM Doc / Government Documents Roundtable of the American Library Association
    Database of U.S., international, foreign, state and commercial CDs used in government publications libraries.
  • Documents Center / University of Michigan
    One of the most comprehensive government publications library web sites in existence.
  • Federal Agency Internet Sites / GPO Access & LSU
    Search or browse agency internet sites whose listings are based on the U.S. Government Manual.
  • FirstGov / Office of FirstGov-General Services Administration
    Portal to U.S. federal and state government web sites.
  • Frequently Used Government Sites / Vanderbilt
    Large and regularly updated list of heavily used government web sites. Arranged by type of government and subject.
  • GPO Access Finding Aids / Government Printing Office
    Consolidated list of GPO Access finding aids. Some are oriented to librarians, some to patrons.
  • Migrating Government Publications / U of Memphis
    This page is an attempt to track printed government publications that are migrating to the Internet by identifying URLs and linking them directly to the electronic documents.
  • U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection / Columbia University
    This is a subject arrangement of the most frequently used depository document titles at Columbia University Libraries. Each title may be available in different formats: print, microfiche, web, CD-ROM, so the formats for each title are indicated.


Create Your Site

  • FDLP Graphics
    Download depository graphics here. For general downloading guidelines, see the
  • Help page associated with the Model Depository Web Page.
  • Model Depository Web Page / GInformation TechnologyCO
    A Web page template for government information is offered here for the small- or medium-sized library. The "Template" may be quickly and easily edited and loaded. The "Help" page includes hints and tips to assist the novice with downloading the Template and making many small alterations.
  • Web Style Guide / Yale University
    This style guide is one of the best ones around. If you start at the beginning it will guide you through the process of designing a web page from start to finish.
  • W3C Validator: Link/Load/HTML Check
    Before you load your new or revised site, run it through this check. The html coding, page sizes and links will be checked to make sure every thing is current and correct. It will also tell you how quickly your page loads for users with different speeds of modem. This is especially important if you use lots of graphics which slow down page loading.

Maintain Your Site

  • Direct Links To Thomas Documents / Thomas
    Thomas runs on a database and its search results generally lead to temporary urls. This guide will show you how to make links to permanent urls.
  • Establishing HTML Links to Documents in GPO WAIS Databases / GPO Access
    GPO database search results generally lead to temporary urls. This page contains GPO's instructions on creating permanent links to database documents.
  • Finding And Establishing Direct Links To Thomas And GPO Access Documents / Law Librarian's Society of Washington, D.C.
    This site covers the same territory as the two above, but it's less technical, more explanatory and an alternative if the other sites are down.
  • HTML 4.01 Specification
    Tells you everything you need to know about html in general and tags in particular.
  • Special Characters
    There may be times that you want to use a special character such as the copyright symbol or a character that would otherwise be reserved for html coding (such as in the paranthetical comment above). This table tells you the codes to generate those characters without interfering the function of the html coding on the page.
  • ZDNet-NetMechanic Gifbot
    You can use this tool to modify images of all types, not just gifs, so that the file size is smaller and page-load time is faster without compromising the look of the image.
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