Research Projects: Environmental Adaptation & Organ Regeneration

The research projects described here are all projects that undergraduates are involved in as either directed coursework, independent projects, work study or direct grant funding. Students receive training and become integral to the projects they join. This opportunity provides research experience to their undergraduate career.
In our laboratory, we study the genetics of adaptation of organisms to the environment in northern Maine.

Arabidopsis thaliana
           Rock glacier vegetation                  Genetics of freshwater
  flowering time                in Deboullie Public Reserved              snails in Northern
(funded by NSF)                                Lands (funded by Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund)                     Maine 
                                                                                                          (funded by Inland Fisheries & Wildlife)
on UMPI campus  (photo: Judith Roe)                                   (Photo: Larry Feinstein)                    (Photo: Peter Nelson)                                      (Graphic: Judith Roe)       


The European Earwig Forficula auricularia has the capacity to regenerate organs. We will be studying the genes involved in the regeneration of cerci. (funded by Maine INBRE)

(Photo: Judith Roe)


Students participating in the research projects.