Who is responsible for what?

The NetBackup Backup & Recovery service is provided by mutual consent.  Without limit, either party can terminate the service at any time.  We at UMS-ITS view the NetBackup Backup and Recovery system as a necessary part of our operation and we are happy to extend use of the facility to help protect other University resources when we can.  What follows here and on other pages of this web site is in no way a legal contract, but rather information for you to know how the system works and what is expected of you as the person responsible for the data on your UMS computer(s).

  • We at UMS-ITS view use of this service as a partnership, not a passing of responsibility for protection of your data. 
  • We will provide the NetBackup software and ensure it is properly licensed. 
  • We will provide some, minimal, information on how the system works and how to get started.  Extensive documentation is available from the NetBackup vendor (Symantec).  A copy of some of this documentation may be available locally. 
  • We will manage the backup servers and storage appliances.
  • We will help/advise via e-mail, IM or telephone as our time and mission allow.
  • We expect you to provide monitoring of the backups (or lack of backups) to the extent you feel is reasonable. Do not expect that UMS-ITS is doing this monitoring for you.
  • We do not guarantee backups work as you expect or continue to work as setup.  It is up to you, the client data owner to ensure that the appropriate information is being backed up and can be restored where you need it and in the time frame you require.
  • As this is an entirely automated system, you may restore from your backups whenever you require it.  You need not tell UMS-ITS that you will be or are doing a restore or a special backup of a folder or set of folders.  You may wish to ensure we do not take down a NetBackup server for maintenance during one of your important backups or restores.
  • The NetBackup software allows restores of files to the place where they were backed up, or to a different location.
  • UMS-ITS licenses only portions of the NetBackup family of products, features and options.
  • UMS-ITS does not license the Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) server feature.  This means that in the total loss of the disk containing your operating system, you must first reinstall your operating system, then Netbackup, then restore your files of interest. (BMR allows for restore of all your files to a bootable DVD that may then be almost automatically restored in total).   Complete rebuilding of a system, especially Windows, can be very complicated and probably requires installation of Windows into a separate partition from the original system.
  • Please note that restores of Windows "System State" and related information can be complicated and is well beyond the expertise of those of us at UMS-ITS.
  • We expect that if you have an important, time critical restore to perform that you will contact us, especially if the restore will take a long time, so we can help the process along (or at least not slow it down!).
  • We expect you to exclude files from backup that are unimportant come time to restore to help conserve UMS resources.  This is done via "exclude lists".  We will help with the syntax of this configuration.
  • While we have NetBackup policies that have appropriate settings for many NetBackup clients, we will work with you to ensure the automatic backups are started during the best times we can mutually agree on.
  • Occasionally, there are NetBackup server or network changes, burps, glitches, maintenance, etc., causing backup or restore failures.  Generally, NetBackup will retry the backup within the daily window we have set; in any event, your backup will be retried the next day/window.
  • Similarly, if your client machine will be taken down for maintenance, there is no  need to contact us, as your backup will be completed on the next day.
  • If you require a backup just before important maintenance or other changes to your client computer, we can normally oblige. 
  • If your client machine will be unavailable for backups for several days or more, please let us know so we don't waste time debugging why the scheduled  backups are failing.
  • If you no longer require the backups stored by the service, such as when you retire an old machine and have no need for its data or backups, please let us know right away, as your bills will continue until you let us know you no longer require the service.
  • In general, "full" backups are retained for 3 months and "incremental" backups are retained for 1 month.   These retention periods may be adjusted for various reasons.
  • If you are legally bound to preserve a point-in-time backup of you data, we can usually oblige to change the retention of a backup image.  There may be a charge for this service. 
  • We do not provide an archiving service.  Our system backs up your data periodically and we make an off site copy of our copy of the data to help protect it, but we view the data as backups, not archives or long-term storage.

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