The Cost

 Our standard fee is based on the size of a standard full backup of your data. 

The fee is normally automatically calculated and automatically paid from your University account each month.  The amount of data in each of your backups is available from our StorageScape reporting system.  We waive the fee for the first month for your first machine using the service to allow you to fully evaluate the service and its cost.   Since the service is provided by mutual consent, you may drop the service by notifying one of the administrators at any time.  You are responsible for any past billings, but no future billings.  When you drop the service, data that has been backed up becomes unavailable immediately.

The specific monthly rate is
  • $0.35 times the size of  the largest  full backup of your data, in GB , with a minimum of $20 per month.
  • $20.00, if your largest backup is 57 GB or less.
  • not affected by the number of backups or restores.
  • effective for our standard retention of backups (1 month for incremental backups, 3 months for full backups).
  • a fraction of the rate we charged with our "old tape-based" system, which was $0.40/GB stored on the backup server.  Note: The "old" system charged for every copy of your data on the backup server (typically 7 times the full backup size); the new system will charge for one copy of your data.  Our initial estimates are that a typical current client will see a significant decrease in cost with our new system.

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