Each backup or restore is a NetBackup "job".  You may expect an e-mail for each job, however, this e-mail can be turned off.  The e-mail has no detail, but will tell you if the job was successful or not.  In the sad latter case, you will receive a non-zero status code number to tell you a little about what went wrong.  Unfortunately, if no backup was run, you get no e-mail.  In addition, if the backup server is unable to contact your server (the NetBackup client), you will receive no e-mail, since your e-mail address is stored on your server, not the NetBackup server.

However, the real power and ease of  learning how your backups have performed today and in the past is in using our web-based backup reporting system
You'll have an ID on our StorageScape system where you can see the state and history, overview and detail, of all your backups and all your servers.  There are numerous predefined reports as well as opportunity to adjust the reports to your needs and to create your own reports.  Reports are viewed online and may be scheduled and the results e-mailed to you.

StorageScape allows you to set a home page.  My favorite report for the home page is the "Data Protection Dashboard", but I'm sure you will find or build your own!

More detail than you ever wanted ...

Aptare, Inc. markets a program named StorageConsole.  It's generally accepted as the best-of-breed in backup reporting.  Datalink, Inc.  runs the StorageConsole program in a "software-as-a-service" fashion.  Datalink has named their offering StorageScape.  We license the StorageScape offering.

StorageScape works by having simple agent that connects with our NetBackup backup server.  The agent sends encrypted data about our backup system, including information about your backup and restore jobs, to the StorageConsole facility at Datalink.   StorageScape doesn't have our data, but information about our data such as which files were backed up, when, how our backup server is configured, etc.

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