Installing the UNIX/Linux/MacOS base software

While the NetBackup client base software is available on DVD and ISO image, we'll just describe installing from a UMS-ITS-provided ZIP file here.  Note:  Not all UNIX/Linux/MacOS client software is in this ZIP file; it has been stripped to include just the versions that UMS-ITS has of thinks is might have.  If the required software for your system is missing from this ZIP file, please contact UMS-ITS for a complete version of the ZIP file.   Additional note:  for this 6.5 version of NetBackup client software, it is available in a 32-bit version only, whether your server is 32-bit or 64-bit.   The next version of the NetBackup client software will be available only in a 64-bit version.  Thus, if you have a 32-bit operating system, this version of NetBackup will be the last one you will need to or may install.

There are four steps to install the Netbackup client base software:
  1. Download the ZIP to an empty directory
  2. Explode/"unzip" the ZIP file
  3. Run the installer script, answering prompts
  4. Discard the files in your previously empty directory
  5. Request UMS-ITS finish configuring your backups, including update of the new base software to the latest UMS-ITS level.

Download the ZIP to an empty directory

Create an empty directory, make it your current directory and download the software. For example,
  1. cd /tmp
  2. mkdir NBUtemp
  3. cd NBUtemp

Explode/"unzip" the ZIP file

  1. unzip

Run the installer script, as root, answering prompts

  1. cd media
  2. ./install
You'll see something like:

Symantec Installation Script
Copyright 1993 - 2007 Symantec Corporation, All Rights Reserved.
        Installing NetBackup Client Software
 NOTE:  To install NetBackup Server software, insert the appropriate
        NetBackup Server cdrom.
Do you wish to continue? [y,n] (y)
Do you want to install the NetBackup client software for this client? [y,n] (y)
This package will install Linux/RedHat2.6 client.
This package will install NetBackup client 6.5.
Enter the name of the NetBackup server :
Would you like to use "" as the configured
name of the NetBackup client? [y,n] (y) n
Enter the name of this NetBackup client :

At this point, the NetBackup installer does its work, mostly in directory "/usr/openv", but also other places ...

+ /bin/cp NB-Java.tar.Z /usr/openv
Installing NB-Java.
/bin/tar: Read 4096 bytes from -
/bin/tar: Read 8704 bytes from -
+ /bin/cp ./nbj.conf /usr/openv/java
Send a SIGHUP to inetd or xinetd so the (x)inetd.conf file will be reread.
Reloading configuration:                                   [  OK  ]

The following automatic startup and shutdown scripts (respectively)
have been installed.  They will cause the NetBackup client daemons
to be automatically shut down and restarted each time the system boots.


Starting nbftclnt...

LiveUpdate is not installed, skipping registration step...

File /usr/openv/tmp/install_trace.4756 contains a trace of this install.
That file can be deleted after you are sure the install was successful.

Install of the NetBackup client base software is now complete.   We must update the base level before using, however.

Discard the files in your previously empty directory

For example, 
  1. cd /tmp
  2. rm -rf NBUtemp

Request UMS-ITS finish configuring your backups, including update of the new base software to the latest UMS-ITS level.

The NetBackup client software is now installed and will shutdown and startup with the OS.  However, while it asked you some questions, it is not totally ready.  We have 4 additional mini-steps.

First, you need to open bi-directional support in your firewall for port 13724 to/from your machine and the and NetBackup servers.  Previous versions of Netbackup required other ports; now it's just one.

Second, we need to add a second server to the NetBackup configuration.  The "" server added in the example above is one of the two servers that make up our backup servers.  Marco, the Master server, keeps a catalog of every backup image, directory and file and where they are stored, while the second server, "", the Media server, accepts backup data from your server (the Netbackup client) and writes it to backup storage.  To tell your NetBackup client software about "Polo", ...
  1. chmod 644 /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf
  2. vi /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf
    1. Add a second "server" line as "Server =", as a new line 2 of the file and save your change.
Third, upgrade your base NetBackup 6.5.0 software to version 6.5.5.   Please request that UMS-ITS do this for you.  You can download the updates and install, but UMS-ITS can do this with a simple command, causing the update to be automatically pushed to your system once NetBackup is fully operational (next step).

Fourth, request that UMS-ITS finish configuration of your machine's backups.  UMS-ITS will need to know your "client" OS and type, and what you need backed up (the default is all local non-mountable file systems).  Have a good discussion with UMS-ITS, making sure you understand what is expected to be backed up, that it is your responsibility to ensure that what is being backed up is needed and sufficient, that backups continue over time, and that the files you may need can, in fact, be restored.

Please make sure to upgrade your base 6.5.0 software; this is a required upgrade that UMS-ITS can automatically push to your machine from "Marco".

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